Hypnoanalysis at Positive Suggestion Therapy

Hypnoanalysis is used to find and treat the core of a deep routed, crippling issue. The client is asked to clear his mind and think of nothing at all during hypnosis and his subconscious mind will take him to the very place it needs to go in order to find the answers. Hypnoanalysis is a safe and very effective tool and widely practiced amongst professional therapists

Hypnoanalysis is a brilliant tool to unlock certain memories that has a connection with the client’s current condition. Hypnoanalysis is an interactive therapy where the client is asked to clear his mind and the therapist is guiding the client to go back to the time where the presenting issue has started. The client is in a deep hypnotic state although is very aware of his/her surrounding and not asleep. Once the memory is unlocked, the therapist guides the client through to process and understand it that leads to healing.

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